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traditional menorcan cooking

Today is a special day for me, I've been asked recipes Menorcan in English since the British community of the island, and the rest of readers who visit me from different parts of the world.

so I think that it is a good opportunity to start to write some in English,
I am very grateful for the interest in my small virtual space.

There are many savoury recipes easy to make with good products, yet may also be interesting to use which we like at home .

To begin
I'm going to introduce you to a stuffy recipe with vegetables, and mass
known by all as covered vegetable coca
this delicious flatbread with espinach is made both at home and in bakeries in Menorca

don't look in the round format because it is only my contribution today and here.
flatbread with spinach
We are going with simple ingredients .
500g of wheat flour
300 g of water
100 g white wine 
9g of yeast baking
salt ,a pinch
medium onion, chopped
tomato or two tablespoons tomato concentrate
one green and one red pepper chopped
two chopped garlic
two tablespoons of oil sauté the elements in a frying pan


make the dough by incorporating elements dissolve yeast in the liquits , and add  flour and knead them to choose a firm mass.

chopped or finely filling elements we introduce in a pan with olive oil and cook over medium heat

after leave the dough to double its volume in proofing
We get new kneading the mass air, stretch with the rolling pin

We proceed with the filling ready by placing a tablespoon full of this portion of dough stretched and smooth
We give shape to flat bread we have either individually or in a format more large family

cover the top securely with mass
and with the oven at 180 c proceed to bake on first of beaten egg surface so you get a nice color

We proceed to bake 20 minutes

aside, cool and serve.

and this is all you need to do to choose a delicious snack in family
I hope you like it
Optional: Add tuna , pine nuts and raisins to taste

see you soon

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